Electrical EngineeringProgrammable Logic Controller Lab →List Of Experiments

Study hardware and software used in PLC

1. The term ‘PLC’ stands for
a) Programmable logic controller
b) Programmable logic Center
c) Process logic control

2) For an electromagnetic relay two types of contacts available are
a) Nominal close and Nominal open
b) Nominal close and Partial open
c) Normally close and Normally open

3) Originally PLCs were designed to control
a) Continuous processes
b) Batch Processes
c) Composite Processes

4) The term ‘analog’ refers to
a) A signal which is continuously varying w.r.t time
b) A signal which is constant w.r.t time
c) A signal which is not varying w.r.t time

5) The word ‘CPU’ in microprocessor systems is
a) Control Process and Use
b) Control Process Unit
c) Central Processing Unit