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Develop an application using On-Delay Timer

In this experiment the on delay timer will be tested for its functionalities using Simulator. Following bits of the
timer are to be observed.
Initialising bit “ON” in this case.
Enable bit “T_en”
Done bit “T_dn”
Timer timing bit “T_tt”
Preset value needs to be entered by the user.
While configuring the timer thedefault time is 1 mS. Select appropriate preset value as per the need of the application. The screen shot of the configured timer will appear like this.
To test the EN, DN, and TT bits;configure the timer by right clicking anywhere on the timer block. Submit tag and preset value.

Add new rung to test the timer status or to energies the output. You can also test the cascading of the timer using these bits.
Observe the tag name for timer DN bit. See following screen shot to observe the output bit status when delay is over.

Observe the bit status in Run mode when input a is toggled again.